PJs Bar and Grill

There is nothing more relaxing than a “Lazy” Sunday where your only concern in the world is where to have brunch and if you’re having your eggs scrambled or poached. However, on one particular Sunday, I made a huge mistake…..I call that mistake: PJs Bar and Grill

The place was packed. Upon entering, we thought the chances of getting a table were almost non-existent, but to our luck (or so we thought at the time) we managed to be seated.

Shortly after we were settled at our table, a confused waitress came over to ask if we wanted anything to drink. We got two coffees and perused through the menu to decide on what to eat. When my latte arrived, it was lukewarm, but since it was a “lazy” Sunday, I thought there was not need to make a point of it.

We finally decided on our meals, and called the confused waitress over to the table. “I’ll have thePJ’s Omelette  with mushrooms, ham, and fresh herbs”, I said, while my friend ordered the English Breakfast and requested the eggs scrambled. We were both very pleased with out choices, and excited to eat.

Soon after, another confused waitress passed by with a bread basket and asked us to pick our a roll of our choice. We did, but much to our dismay, the bread was stale, so we left it aside. The food finally came, and before the confused waitress left, we added a fresh orange juice to our order.

I stared down at my plate and knew things were not looking good. Aside from the pool of oil my omelette was sitting in, it had the thickness of the rubber hand gloves used for washing dishes. I slowly peeled it apart and saw the burnt, dry and greasy mushrooms laughing at me from below. “Great”, I thought. It was only fair to try it, so I managed to get egg and all the other ingredients on my fork and put it in my mouth. After chewing for 1.2 seconds, the oil started coating my mouth and so i knew it was impossible to eat any more of this. It had to be sent back.

Meanwhile, my friend was also not happy. The English breakfast was yet another failure. Sausage, bacon, hash browns, etc…all impossible to eat. She just sat there picking at her plate. (note, the juice hadn’t arrived yet). I called over the confused waitress and asked her to take back my plate, and in its place bring me Eggs Florentine with the Hollandaise sauce on the side. We also made a point that the juice was nowhere to be seen.

“Lazy” Sunday was turning into “Angry” Sunday. My eggs finally came……*sigh*…. I can only describe the sight as a tower of soggy muffin, wet mushy and grainy spinach with two overcooked eggs on top. The sauce wasn’t possible to eat either. As you can guess, I sent these eggs back too, and decided I wasn’t hungry anymore. We asked for the bill….which came full of surprises. The juice that never came was on there, so were the two egg dishes.

I called over the confused waitress, and asked to see a manager. She was confused of course, and scrambled over to the service station and spoke to a bunch of other confused people which all looked equally as puzzled. I waited for about 15 mins, when a male waiter came to me and asked what the problem was. I asked to see the manager, and he said the manager was busy. By now I was aggravated, so I just told him what my issues were. He was apologetic, took back the bill and removed everything except my friend’s English breakfast. He also brought us a card for 20% off our next meal (which will never ever happen). We paid, left the discount card on the table and left. Never again….

Problems : horrible food, bad service, terrible manager, untrained staff (except the last male waiter who was the most professional)

PJ’s Bar & Grill – 52 Fulham Road London. SW3 6HH


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