Just a Lazy Sunday on a Google Maps Walk…

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be able to go on a walk through my computer, I would think you were insane. It’s very uncommon for me to do things like this because I prefer to explore the world physically and outside, however today was a very very lazy day….

After waking up late, it took about an hour to decide on what to eat. My freshly brewed Bialetti espresso was taking its toll on my stomach, so it was time to “feed”. The meal was simple : Scrambled eggs with chives + parsley, grilled beechwood smoked frankfurters and some buttered toast on the side! With a full belly, “lounging” was the action of the day….

While doing my usual browsing, I came across the www.kingsroad.co.uk Facebook page and one of their posts gave a link to a site called Soundmap. Here I found my activity for the day : an audio tour designed around walking through famous London areas which I decided to experience virtually from my couch! Accompanied by the soothing voice of the tour guide and with the help of Google maps  (Street View) – I took a virtual walk through the historical streets of Soho and learnt a couple of fascinating things!

Who knew that Karl Marx lived on top of Quo Vadis restaurant on Dean Street? Or that Mozart once resided in the building opposite from Ronnie Scott’s? As a person who didn’t grow up in London, I was unexpectedly slapped in the face with a new-found respect for this city. Next time I’m in Soho, I’ll definitely be looking up for those blue commemorative plaques…

The day is coming to a close and my green lentil soup with herbs, spices & tomatoes will be eaten with an oozing grilled cheese sandwich on the side. I’ll end this post by saying that I HIGHLY recommend the audio walks on Soundmap (or any other ones you can get a hold of) , which would make an interesting & educational activity for any boring weekend. I love you Google Maps, but my next walk will definitely be a real one.


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