Here comes the sun… and I say… its alright.

It’s a funny thing the weather. It affects our planet, it’s life, it’s death, it’s unpredictable, its an ice-breaker, it’s hot, its stormy, it’s cold, it’s cloudy, it’s warm, chilly, sunny… it’s what I wear every morning, what I eat every afternoon and how I travel home each night. It’s winter-blues and happiness. It changes with each year, each season, each month, week, day, hour, minute…

I think we underestimate the weather sometimes and at other times we are reminded of its power.

I love most types of weather. The rain soothes me, the wind makes want to stay indoors, the snow evokes my childhood and the sun makes me smile. It always seems to be on my side.

Today, feeling exhausted, drained and stressed – I looked up and saw the sun peering through the clouds, shining down on my face and at that moment I felt warmth, satisfaction and an array of bursting emotions. So rare it is to see the sun these days that you saviour every little moment you can get and as with most good things – you always miss it when it’s gone.

I leave you in the entertaining hands of the Beatles.


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