Look Mum No Hands!

When you don’t have anything better to do, you start to find ways to entertain yourself. An idea was hatched when two friends and I were sitting at ‘look mum no hands!‘ on Old Street. We each wrote a line and passed it to the next person to continue the verse. This is what a collaboration of three bored minds looks like:

Look into my teary eyes,

the rotten meat is full of flies

My pain is deep and I feel sick,

every-time I think about cats I get a tick

The road ahead is long and dark,

eerie, creepy strangers in a park

If life had meaning when I started out,

I surely would have slapped the trout

This bitter, hopeless taste in my mouth,

constantly makes every plan I make go south

The sun will break the cloudy sky,

and maybe today I wont want to die

Underwear and pork pies just don’t make sense,

I sold my virginity for 20 cents

The beats of life urge me to go on,

I promise to kill myself just before I have to mow the lawn….


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