I never used to give people chances. Now I think I give them too many. When you are young, you tend to think less, and act more. Impulsive decisions are your life’s mantra…and lately I don’t think that’s such a bad thing after all. Over-thinking leads to being influenced by all the external factors that are out to get you…to change your mind. Shouldn’t it be a rule that every decision should be based on gut feeling? I guess the response to that is that not everyone has a gut in perfect working condition.

When our brain isn’t following the gut, it tends to follow the heart, and that’s just a recipe for disaster. The heart is funny. I like to think of it like a teenager on cocaine who thinks he/she is invincible and can conquer the world. Problem is however, that whatever goes up, must come down….and that come down is no party. So when the heart takes us on that short, “immortal” journey of a badly thought out decision, there’s no telling when the crash will come and all your limbs will go flying off in every direction possible.

Brain, heart , gut….which one has the answer? Maybe all three. It’s reasonable to assume that when all three organs join forces and agree on something, it can be taken as the “soundest” and most intelligent choice a person can make. In a utopian world, this should happen all the time. In the real world…rarely.

I don’t think we give credit to all the organs in our body…they have WAY more power than we assume. But at the end of the day, the hope of a collaboration between them turns into a battle…and this is why I think people go insane. If you had two people pulling at you on each side, eventually wouldn’t you get tired and walk away? The answer is probably “Yes”, so lets not judge those that have “lost their mind”…they are probably in a better place than you.