@HonkyTonkLondon…. *sigh*

honky-tonk [ˈhɒŋkɪˌtɒŋk]n

1. US and Canadian slang

a.  a cheap disreputable nightclub, bar, etc.
b.  (as modifier) a honky-tonk district
2. (Music) a style of ragtime piano-playing, esp on a tinny-sounding piano
3. (Music, other) a type of country music, usually performed by a small band with electric and steel guitars
Chelsea, London: “Chelsea is an upmarket neighbourhood equivalent to that of New York’s Upper East Side, Los Angeles’ Beveryly Hills or the 16th arrondissement of Paris. This is shown in the average housing price in Chelsea which is above £1.3 million” says Wikipedia…
A very discombobulated establishment.

Honky Tonk is divided into two areas; the bar and the restaurant. The lights are dim and the exposed brick walls add to the ambiance. At the entrance, up against the window, there is a small space for live singing. I found it to be awkwardly intimate for that room, but I can see how other people would enjoy it.

The purpose of my visit was for dinner, but unfortunately the first 5 minutes were absolute torture. Both me and my dinner companion found it difficult to endure the unpleasant live singing in the bar area and to make matters worse, the dreaded sound made its way to the speakers in the restaurant area…. above our table. Thankfully we caught the end of the “show” and the real music came on, which was consistently awesome throughout the night.

The food was average, nothing to rave about. Chicken wings were decent, beef ribs were an unsuccessful attempt and the burger was good. The Mushroom Mac ‘n’ Cheese was the best thing we ordered. Our very polite waitress recommended The Gringo from the cocktail menu, which was both light and refreshing, making it the highlight of the meal. 

I have mixed feelings about Honky Tonk. On the one hand, I appreciate the effort put into opening this place up, and I must admit that I loved the music they played all night (NOT THE LIVE SINGING, that was awful). On the other hand, its impossible to overlook the fact that the crowd did not reflect the decor or the general theme at all. When waitresses dressed like Daisy Duke , serve BBQ chicken wings to crowds dressed as if they are going into a business conference….it just looks wrong. The vibe in the room was slightly uptight, and it was evident that this sort of place was not the norm for some. In all honesty, the music and our attentive waitress made the evening a success.

I would probably go back for drinks…but I’m still not sure if Honky Tonk will become a hangout for other types of people aside from the “Sloane Rangers” that frequent the area. Does the interior have a New York feel to it? Sure. Do you feel like you’re in New York when your there? Absolutely not.