Greek Lent: Day 14

Pancakes Collage


I found a recipe on Post Punk Kitchen  for Vegan Pancakes.

Never thought they would be so good….but they were awesome. I actually made them again the next day.

You can find the recipe here

Note: I made these after Bikram Yoga – such a great thing to eat after doing yoga in a hot box for 90 minutes!


PJs Bar and Grill

There is nothing more relaxing than a “Lazy” Sunday where your only concern in the world is where to have brunch and if you’re having your eggs scrambled or poached. However, on one particular Sunday, I made a huge mistake…..I call that mistake: PJs Bar and Grill

The place was packed. Upon entering, we thought the chances of getting a table were almost non-existent, but to our luck (or so we thought at the time) we managed to be seated.

Shortly after we were settled at our table, a confused waitress came over to ask if we wanted anything to drink. We got two coffees and perused through the menu to decide on what to eat. When my latte arrived, it was lukewarm, but since it was a “lazy” Sunday, I thought there was not need to make a point of it.

We finally decided on our meals, and called the confused waitress over to the table. “I’ll have thePJ’s Omelette  with mushrooms, ham, and fresh herbs”, I said, while my friend ordered the English Breakfast and requested the eggs scrambled. We were both very pleased with out choices, and excited to eat.

Soon after, another confused waitress passed by with a bread basket and asked us to pick our a roll of our choice. We did, but much to our dismay, the bread was stale, so we left it aside. The food finally came, and before the confused waitress left, we added a fresh orange juice to our order. Story Continues Here…